Wall-thickness meauring system – quality control for fuel tanks and casting parts

Wall-thickness measuring by ultrasonic – especially for challenging measurements

Wall-thickness measuring  is the most common method in ultrasonic technology. If the sonic sound is known the wall thickness of the test object can be determined without any destruction.  For this method the test object only needs to be accessible from one side. Thus the wall thickness of mono or co-extruded fuel tanks as well as casting parts can be tested. The wall-thickness measuring system determines automatically the correst wall thickness. Our highly developed wall-thickness measuring system guarantees exact data even with challenging measurements such as multi layer fuel tanks.  The documentation of the data does not require further cables or wiring with a PC or an additional software program. The wall-thickness measuring system is available as installation kit for PC´s and as stand alone system.  

✓ non-destructive measuring of layers
✓ reliable and automatic determination of wall thickness
✓ integrated data base
✓ solid ultrasonic test head
✓ two variants: Installation kit for PCs or as stand alone system
✓ interface Management (e.g. barcode scanner)


✓ fuel tanks
✓ casting parts

Data sheet


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