SENT-Decoder for sensor signals to control the quality in assembly lines

SENT-Decoder – Easy analysis of SENT sensor data

The SAE J2716 SENT is a serial protocol for transmitting and analyzing sensor data of high resolution sensors. Originally it was developed for the automotive industry, but now the SENT-Decoder (Single Edge Nibble Transmission) is also used in sensors for throttles, for measuring pressure and air volume and temperature control.

The test objects equipped with SENT sensors in the automotive industry serve for testing, analyzing and confirming the funcionality of the sensor. Thereby the proper functionality is guaranteed or the incorrect functionality can be detected. The read out data are transmitted to higher ranged (CPC)- controls or quality data systems. Our developed decoder decripts the SENT data in binary data or ASCII signs and provides these information  via a Profibus® port. Thus the evaluation and analysis of the data is considerably simplyfied. Therefore the method via SENT sensor and decoder is a perfect alternative ompared to other transmitting methods like ADC, PWM or  other protocolas like CAB, LIN or PSI5.


✓ data decoding of SENT sensors
✓  Profibus®-port for data transfer to SPS
✓  additional ports on demand
✓  two variants: top-hat rail construction or desktop pc in robust aluminium housing
✓  13,5 V power supply for SENT sensors
✓  PWM-protocol and CAN-Bus (optional)

✓automotive industry (throttle, fuel tanks)
industrial applications
household appliances

Data sheet


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