Click-Detector – acoustic test system for assembly control of the Quick Connector

Assembly control of Quick Connectors for semi-automatic and fully automatic assemblies

The Click-Detector is a test system, which is used to control the assembly of Quick Connectors with mechanic locking. This user specific system recognizes the characteristic sound when the Quick Connector is locked and monitors if the Quick Connector has been assembled correctly. Thus a reliable assembly control is guaranteed. The sound is recorded and analyzed by the sound sensor by airbourne sound and mechanical vibration. Up to 8 different sound sensors can be connected via a plug-in board, whereat the analyzing unit can be extended up to eight plug-in boards and thus 64 sensors in total.
At works the Click Detector is adapted to the reference sample according its application and can be equipped aditionally with an identification system as well as an integrated data base. Disturbing background sounds generated from the production environment are filtered out before evaluation. As soon as the divergence exceeds a determined set value an error message occurs.
The System facilitates the controlled semi-automatic or fully automatic assembly of Quick Connectors that are used for the connection of components such as pipes, hoses or valves, e.g. fuel pipes, fuel tanks or fittings for plumbings or air conditions.

test system with acoustic recognition of reference sample for controlled semi-automatic and fully automatic assembly of Quick Connectors
possible transmitting Sound by airbourne sound or mechanic vibration
up to 8 sensors, with plug-in boards, modular extendable to max. 64 sensors 
factory setting with acoustic reference sample 
sample identification and documentation of semi-automatic or fully automatic assembly steps /process (optional) 
customized interface management


automotive industry (fuel tanks, fuel pipes)
✓ sanitary plumbing(fittings, etc.)
Air conditioning (air conditions)

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