Barrier measuring system for carbon extruded plastic containers

Ultrasonic barrier measuring system – barrier measurement of plastic containers for hazardous substances and  food 

The EVOH layers (barrier) plays an important role for plastic containers with more than one different layer.  Either the barrier is for reducing the emission of hazardous substances out of the container to a minimum, e.g. emission of hydrocarbons  out of a fuel tank, or to avoid the absorption of substances from the atmosphere in particular in the food industry like coffee caps or ketchup bottles.  B
Thus barrier measuring systems are used for quality control of hydrocarbon extruded fuel tanks and guarantee the non-destructive testing of  ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) or Polyamid (PA) barriers. Compared to the previous destructive method by cutting walls out of the tank, barrier measurement is more careful and saves time and therefore costs. By
Finite Layer Modelling (FLM) the layer structure is synthesized and overlaying signals are sorted out. By this means barrier layers can be reliably determined from  40-50 µm

In most cases ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) is used as barrier layer. For quality assurance it is necessary and important to measure the thickness of the EVOH layer. Today samples of the tank wall have to be cut out of the tank. Then the samples must be prepared for measurement by microscope. This procedure is a very time consuming and in addition a really destructive method.
The ultrasonic measurement of thin layers (< 100 µm) requires the use high frequencies, but plastic (HDPE) has a very high attenuation for such frequencies.

✓ non-destructive measuring of barriers
✓ reliable measurement of the barriers from 40 -50 µm
✓ fast measuring at many measuring points
✓ integrated storage of  the measuring data
✓ easy user handling for measuring points via visualization (optional)
✓ interface management (e.g. barcode scanner)

✓ fuel tanks
✓ bottles for pesticides
✓ food packaging
✓ IBC tanks (Intermediate Bulk-Container), for collecting and transport of hazardous substances

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