Ultrasonic leak tester for fuel distributor rails

Detecting leaks of fuel distributor rails by ultrasonic testing

In general, ultrasonic leak test are appropiate for diverse fuel distributor rails. As you can adapt the ultrasonic leak test according to your individual needs and requirements, the ultrasonic leak test can be easily done.  Furthermore the product handling can be fully automatized, thus a semi-automatic as well as an automatic leak testing assembly is possible.


Test object

  • Fuel distributor rails


  • Ultraschall-Lecktester | Kraftstoffverteilerleisten | MACEAS

Ultrasonic leak test – fuel distributor rails

Leak rate: 1 · 10-3 mbar·l/s

1 station – 4 articles

Equipment features

  • manual handling of parts
  • automatic sealing
  • automatic leak test

Test conditions

  • interior pressure: 6 bar (absolute)
  • external pressure: 1 bar (Atmosphere)
  • ∆p 6 bar

Technical data

  • cycle time: 30 s
  • capacity: 120 parts/h
  • retooling: < 30 min
  • test gas: air
  • leak rate: 1 · 10-3 mbar·l/s