Ultrasonic leak tester for cylinder head covers

Detecting leaks of cylinder head covers by ultrasonic testing

In many cases ultrasonic leak testing of MACEAS can improve/replace water bath testing and is a leak test method without the human factor. Therefore leak bubbles can be detected reliably without the influence of an operator and can be localized automatically, regardless of poor or ideal visibility. The sensititivity of the sensor can be determined by high or low testing pressure. The ultrasonic leak testing is appropriate for parts that are difficult to seal because of three open sides and with comparatively high pressure of 6 bar. The assembly line for ultrasonic leak testing for cylinder head covers can also be layouted as completely automatic. 


Test object

  • Cylinder head covers


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Ultrasonic leak test – cylinder head covers

Leak rate: 8,3·10-3 mbar·l/s

1 station – 1 article

Equipment features

  • manual handling of parts
  • automatic sealing
  • automatic leak test

Test conditions

  • interior pressure: 6 bar (absolute)
  • exterior pressure: 1 bar (atmosphere)
  • ∆p 5 bar

Technical data

  • cycle time: 100 s
  • capacity: 36 parts/h
  • test gas: air
  • leak rate: 8,3·10-3 mbar·l/s
  • retooling: < 30 min