Ultrasonic leak tester for compressed air tanks

Detecting leaks of compressed air tanks by ultrasonic

By means of ultrasonic it is easy to detect leaks of compressed air tanks for trucks. By ultrasonic-bubble-detection system leaks can be easily localized.

Ultraschall-Lecktest Druckluftbehälter | MACEAS

Test object

  • Compressed air tanks


  • Ultraschall-Lecktest Druckluftbehälter | MACEAS

Ultrasonic leak test – compressed air tanks

Leak rate: 5,6·10-3 mbar∙l/s

4 basins – 1 article

Equipment features

  • automatic handling of parts
  • automatic sealing
  • automatic leak test
  • testing of different product variants (diameter and length) without retooling (e.g. 3-cyclinders, 4-cylinders)

Test conditions

  • test pressure: 11 bar against atmosphere

Technical data

  • cycle time: 12 s
  • capacity: 180 parts/h
  • test gas: air
  • leak rate: 5,6·10-3 mbar∙l/s