Ultrasonic leak tester for alloy wheels

Detecting leaks of alloy wheels by ultrasonic leak testing

Ultrasonic leak testing for alloy wheels was developed as an alternative to the traditional under water visual testing. Ultrasonic leak testing has the advantage that the leak testing can be fully automatic and is objective. In general, the ultrasonic leak testing is appropriate for diverse types of alloy wheels. The ultrasonic leak tester can be adapted to the individual requirements and needs of the different alloy wheel variants.
A typical specification (Volkswagen/Audi) for leak testing of alloy Wwheels is:
A decay of pressure of 0,2 bar within 6 month at a volume of 25 l at 3 bar absolute test pressure versus 1 bar absolute pressure outside (atmosphere) at constant temperature and constant volume is accepted. Leak testing to be done with unpainted wheels!


Test object

  • Alloy wheels


  • Ultraschall-Lecktester | Leichtmetallräder | MACEAS
  • Ultraschall-Lecktest | Leichtmetallräder | MACEAS

Ultrasonic leak testing – alloy wheels

Leak rate: 6,00·10-4 mbar·l/s

1 station – 6 articles

Test conditions

  • interior pressure: 4 bar (absolute)
  • exterior pressure: 1 bar (atmosphere)
  • ∆p 3 bar

Technical data

  • cycle time: 18 s
  • capacity: 200 parts/h
  • test gas: air
  • leak rate: 6,00·10-4 mbar·l/s

Product variants

  • max. weight: 30 kg
  • diameter: 15” – 22”
  • width: 5” – 12”
  • batch size: Min. 1